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Areas of expertise


Capital Advisory

When you find that your business expansion plans require outside Capital, Hispir’s Corporate Finance expertise helps provide advisory services, to assist you in the development, structure and procedural steps to successfully explore and execute on alternative finance opportunities and do so within the regulatory framework. 

Corporate Restructuring

As you’ve built your business, legacy structures, policies and operating systems have often become an engrained part of how your business operates.   With changing competitive, regulatory and market landscapes these legacy paradigms often hold a business back.   Hispir objectively analyses all facets of your current operations, providing alternative models that could assist you in optimizing your operations, reducing overhead and enhancing profitability.


Considering bringing two or more entities together? Valuations/negotiations, due diligence, corporate identity, cultural melding, board consolidation – There is a broad array of considerations to be made to effectively bring two distinct entities together. Hispir members have expertise in assimilating all these elements into a structured integration program.


From startup to operational profitability, companies go through an evolutionary phase as they experience rapid growth in their early formative years. Ensuring that you have proper Corporate Governance is essential to protect your business and ensure you can continue an accelerated growth trajectory without making a misstep. Our experience helps you ensure the proper governance controls are in place, to protect your company and position it for further expansion.

Market Expansion

Have a unique business opportunity that can expand beyond your current geographical region?   Hispir has International Business Development specialists that can assist you in navigating into new markets, setting up distribution points and understanding the competitive landscape.


Having a detailed analytical model aids in strategic decision making and formulating your business plan. We have team members adept at understanding the key drivers in your business and preparing models you can leverage for capital expansion requirements, business development decisions, or market optimization.